Maternity Boudoir Shoot

Here’s a couple of shots from a recent boudoir bump shoot that our client has very kindly allowed us to share.

Maternity boudoir photography


The best time to come in for your shoot is when you  about 8 months.  We will capture all your glorious curves and whilst we know you may not feel at your most glamorous, we promise that you will love the gorgeous images we will create.  We will of course do some images that you can show your parents, but we will also do some tasteful nude shots for you.  Your partner is also very welcome to come to the shoot and join in.

Here are some tips on what to bring to your maternity shoot –

  • Bandeaus bras (or boob tubes work well)
  • Your hubby’s favourite shirt
  • Wraps or fabris (we do have loads but feel free to bring anything you really like)
  • Jeans
  • Baby items (booties / toys, etc)
  • Our aim is to show your bump off, so wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and definitely not too tight

Do call us if you have any queries or would like to book a session.

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