How to choose a boudoir photographer?

Boudoir photography Kent


Boudoir photography is becoming very popular and more and more photographers are starting to offer boudoir and glamour photography sessions, so how do you go about choosing a photographer that is right for you?

Here are some of the things that we believe are important for you to consider:

Would you prefer a female photographer or a male photographer.

As an all female team of photographers and makeup artists we can empathise big time about the insecurities we all have about our bodies.  Many of our clients confess that they would not have felt so comfortable baring all in front of a male photographer.  Trust is very important when choosing your boudoir photographer make sure you feel comfortable with your photographer.

What experience does your photographer have? 

Are they boudoir specialists? Do they have lots of images they can show you of real clients and of course testimonials from these clients?

There is an alarming increase of  photographers showing images they have taken on courses and  passing them off as their own shoots. Ask the photographer to see their portfolio are there lots of different images of  people of all shapes sizes and ages?  If not there are probably not that experienced.

We have been boudoir specialists for the last five years and during that time we have photographed hundreds of clients and we have the photos and testimonials to show you. We have never used model images on our website or portfolio, all of the images you see are from real clients or indeed of ourselves!

It doesn’t matter how old you are or what shape you are we have the experience to bring the best out of you and create stunning images that will make you look at yourself in a different light!

Would you prefer a location or a studio boudoir photography session?

Location sessions are often carried out at your home, or even in a hotel.  Generally these sessions rely on natural light, which we know in this country can be a bit hit and miss. Window light can only do so much.

A studio environment gives your photographer complete control over the lighting environment. We only offer  boudoir photography sessions in our private blackout studio.  This gives us the control we demand from our lighting so that we can sculpt the light to make your body look amazing no matter what shape or size you are. It is impossible to reproduce our style of photography using just natural light.

Do you like the way the images have been edited?

Retouching can really make or break an image. Heavy handed over the top editing can destroy an image making the subject look plastic and fake.  Look at your prospective photographers portfolio, do you like the way the images have been edited? Can you tell that the images have been edited?

Having photographed hundreds of boudoir clients, we really are experienced at bringing out the best in our subjects with our subtle expert editing.

How do you want to present your boudoir images?

What does your prospective photographer offer? Is that what you are looking for?

We believe that you will treasure your boudoir images forever and for that reason we only offer the finest albums, canvases and frames.

Is the photographer within your budget?

As with wedding photography, choosing your boudoir photography purely on budget more often than not will lead to disappointment. Make sure you ask about the fees and average spend before you book.

An accomplished photographer who checks all the boxes above is likely to be in demand, and it is very likely they will not be the cheapest for good reasons. Their expertise, experience, attention to detail and services have real value. Once you have chosen your photographer, make sure you book your session in plenty of time so you will have your images ready when you need them, bespoke products do take time to create.


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